Proximate analysis of lipid composition in Moroccan truffles and desert truffles

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Fatima Henkrar
Lahsen Khabar


desert truffles, discrimination, fatty acid, gas chromatography, Moroccan truffle, sterol


Lipid composition in truffle is essential for nutraceutical and medicinal purposes. Currently, there is no data regarding the lipid content in Moroccan truffles. Therefore, we determined the fatty acid and sterol composition of six Moroccan truffles and desert truffles. The gas chromatography analysis revealed the predominance of fatty palmitic, oleic and linoleic acids. The prominent sterol components were brassicasterol and ergosterol. Besides, the sterol analysis discriminated between the Tuber and Terfezia truffles. These differences seem to be exploitable at a taxonomic level. This is a preliminary report disclosing the fatty acid and sterol composition of Moroccan truffles, indicating the potential use of lipids analysis, especially sterol analysis, as biomarker for truffles distinction.

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