Published: 2022-04-05


Wine recommendation algorithm based on partitioning and stacking integration strategy for Chinese wine consumers

Weisong Mu, Yumeng Feng, Haojie Shu, Bo Wang, Dong Tian
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Page 98-109

Fatty acid profile of functional emulsion-based food products containing conventional and unconventional ingredients

Almas Mukhametov, Laura Mamayeva, Moldir Yerbulekova, Gulsim Aitkhozhayeva
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Page 89-97

Policaptil Gel Retard® reduces body weight and improves insulin sensitivity in obese subjects

Giorgia Centorame, Maria Pompea Antonia Baldassarre, Giulia Di Dalmazi, Francesca Gambacorta, Fabrizio Febo, Agostino Consoli, Gloria Formoso
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Proximate analysis of lipid composition in Moroccan truffles and desert truffles

Fatima Henkrar, Lahsen Khabar
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Exploring the potential of bottle gourd (Lagenaria siceraria) flour as a fat mimetic in biscuits with improved physicochemical and nutritional characteristics and anti-diabetic properties

Syed Muhammad Ghufran Saeed, Syed Arsalan Ali, Rashida Ali, Syed Asad Sayeed, Lubna Mobin
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The role of whey protein in myogenic differentiation

Rui Xu, Yuejuan Xiao, Ying Zhang, Xiyan Zhao
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Study on the role of nutrients in food to improve the motion state of athletes

Hongkai Zhou
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Marker-assisted selection of dairy cows for β-casein gene A2 variant

Carla Sebastiani, Chiara Arcangeli, Martina Torricelli, Marcella Ciullo, Nicoletta D’avino, Giulia Cinti, Stefano Fisichella, Massimo Biagetti
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A novel cascade approach to extract bioactive compounds from officinal herbs

Yubin Ding, Ksenia Morozova, Matteo Scampicchio, Angelo Morini, Massimiliano Ferrari
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Effect of high-moisture extrusion on soy meat analog: study on its morphological and physiochemical properties

Monirul Islam, Yatao Huang, Md. Serajul Islam, Ningyu Lei, Lei Shan, Bei Fan, Litao Tong, Fengzhong Wang
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Short Communications

Molecular docking and in vivo studies of liquiritin against acute myocardial infarction via TLR4/MyD88/NF-κB signaling

Peng Zhou, An-lu Shen, Pei-pei Liu, Shu-shu Wang, Liang Wang
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