Published: 2023-01-03


Nutrigenomics: linking food to genome

Asma Jabeen, Geetika Malik, Javid Iqbal Mir, Rozy Rasool
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Page 26-40

Beneficial properties of zeolite

Gordana Oggiano, Biljana Pokimica, Tamara Popović, Marija Takić
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Page 72-78

Use of salicylic acid during cultivation of plants as a strategy to improve its metabolite profile and beneficial health effects

Humberto Ramos-Sotelo, Marely G. Figueroa-Pérez
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Page 79-90


Health benefits of co-supplementing mealworm protein hydrolysate and cranberry fruit extract

Jae Hong Park, Sang In Lee, Woo Sung Kwon, Sungbo Cho, In Ho Kim
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Page 1-9

Polygonatum polysaccharide attenuates inflammation through inhibiting NLRP3 inflammasome in diabetic cardiomyopathy rats

Chun-chun Zhao, Meng Zhang, Jian-fei Peng, Yao-yao Ma, Xiao-ni Zhao, Zhong-yu Wen, Shu-shu Wang, An-lu Shen, Hui Shi
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Page 10-18

Amino acid and fatty acid compositions of texturized vegetable proteins

Davide De Angelis, Antonella Pasqualone, Giacomo Squeo, Francesco Caponio, Carmine Summo
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Page 19-25

Qualitative characteristics of four Sicilian monofloral honeys from Apis mellifera ssp. sicula

Paola Bambina, Francesca Malvano, Claudio Cinquanta, Donatella Albanese, Andrea Cirrito, Francesca Mazza, Onofrio Corona
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Page 41-48

Evaluation of biscuits obtained from novel composite flour containing Maiorca malt flour

Alessia Benanti, Mansour Rabie Ashkezary, Ignazio Maria Gugino, Michele Canale, Samira Yeganehzad, Aldo Todaro
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Page 49-56

Effect of region of cultivation, tree age, and harvest time on the quality of Lebanese virgin olive oil

Antonio El Chami, Paola Conte, Georges Hassoun, Antonio Piga
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Page 57-71

Fermented nondairy functional foods based on probiotics

Pınar Şanlıbaba
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Page 91-105

Original Article

Marjoram oil attenuates oxidative stress and improves colonic epithelial barrier function in dextran sulfate sodium-induced ulcerative colitis in Balb/c mice

Bouayad DI, Hadria Grar, Sadia Berzou, Omar Kheroua, Djamel Saidi, Hanane Kaddouri
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Page 106-117