Published: 2021-04-04


Quality perception and willingness to pay: The case of red wine with health-beneficial effects

Jelena Ruso, Jovan Filipović, Milica Maričić, Vesna Spasojević-Brkić
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The influence of starter cultures on the lactic acid bacteria microbiota of Petrovac sausage

Bojana Milićević, Vladimir Tomović, Bojana Danilović, Dragiša Savić
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Page 24-34

Quality and safety evaluation of new tomato cultivars

Mattia Rapa, Salvatore Ciano, Laura Gobbi, Roberto Ruggieri, Giulina Vinci
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Composition and nutritional evaluation of amino acids in Mimai qu rice wines

Kaizheng Zhang, Wenchi Wu, Wei Zou, Zhenhui Kang, Qin Yan, Yue Qin
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Comparison of social media platforms in terms of marketing performances of food companies

Seren Celimli, Hakan Adanacioglu
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Anti-staphylococcal effect of cinnamaldehyde in milk

Milijana Babic, Milica Glisic, Jasna Djordjevic, Nemanja Zdravkovic, Radoslava Savic-Radovanovic, Milan Baltic, Marija Boskovic Cabrol
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Page 108-115

Effects of high linolenic acid diet supplemented with synthetic or natural antioxidant mix on live performance, carcass traits, meat quality and fatty acid composition of Longissimus thoracis et lumborum muscle of medium-heavy pigs

Anna Maria Belmonte, Paolo Macchioni, Giovanna Minelli, Corina Scutaru, Luisa Antonella Volpelli, Domenico Pietro Lo Fiego
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Changes in physicochemical characteristics, polyphenolics, and amino acids of wax apple cider vinegar during prolonged storage

Somwang Lekjing, Associate Prof. Dr. Karthikeyan Venkatachalam
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Comparison of some functional properties and protein profiles of different protein sources with egg components

Mine Köstekli Büyükcan, Sibel Karakaya
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Determining consumption preferences of consumers considering quality attributes of drinking water: case of Iğdır

Emine Aşkan, Yavuz Topcu, Ayça Nur Şahin
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Riboflavin removal by commercial bentonites and charcoals in white and red wines

Veronica Vendramin, Simona Primerano, Giampiero Leserri, Giulio Paniccia, Simone Vincenzi
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Page 13-23

Citrus species: Modern functional food and nutraceutical-based product ingredient

Mariarosaria Leporini, Rosa Tundis, Vincenzo Sicari, Monica Rosa Loizzo
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