Published: 2015-12-17

Opinion Paper

Italy on the spotlight: Expo Milan 2015 and Italian Journal of Food Science

P. Fantozzi, M.F. Caboni, T. Gallina Toschi, V. Gerbi, A. Hidalgo, V. Lavelli, G. Perretti, P. Pittia, C. Pompei, K. Rantsiou, L. Rolle, M. Sinigaglia, B. Zanoni
Abstract 594 | PDF Downloads 476 | DOI

Page 407-408


Determination of the optimal fat amount in dry-ripened venison sausage

M.C. Utrilla, A. Soriano, A. Garcia Ruiz
Abstract 486 | PDF Downloads 608 | DOI

Page 409-415

Biological activity of egg-yolk protein by-product hydrolysates obtained with the use of non-commercial plant protease

A. Zambrowicz, E. Eckert, M. Pokora, A. Dąbrowska, M. Szołtysik, Ł. Bobak, T. Trziszka, J. Chrzanowska
Abstract 539 | PDF Downloads 652 | DOI

Page 450-458

Determination of drying characteristics and quality properties of eggplant in different drying conditions

Gözde Bayraktaroglu Urun, Ünal Rıza Yaman, Ergun Köse
Abstract 790 | PDF Downloads 1564 | DOI

Page 459-467

Development of an active biodegradable film containing tocopherol and avocado peel extract

J.C.F. Fidelis, A.R.G. Monteiro, M.R.S. Scapim, C.C.F. Monteiro, D.R. Morais, T. Claus, J.V. Visentainer, F. Yamashita
Abstract 882 | PDF Downloads 662 | DOI

Page 468-475

Effect of sulfites on the in vitro antioxidant activity of wines

C.D. Di Mattia, A. Piva, M. Martuscelli, D. Mastrocola, G. Sacchetti
Abstract 575 | PDF Downloads 709 | DOI

Page 505-512

Adequacy of mineral contents of raw and plain sticky sauce of common and bush okra

Moyib Oluwasayo Kehinde, Oladapo Francis Olumide, Moyib Folake Ramat, Banjoko Oluwakemi O.
Abstract 448 | PDF Downloads 555 | DOI

Page 513-520

Children preferences of coloured fresh cheese prepared during an educational laboratory

Federica Tesini, Monica Laureati, Rosa Palagano, Mara Mandrioli, Ella Pagliarini, Tullia Gallina Toschi
Abstract 586 | PDF Downloads 365 | DOI

Page 521-526