Published: 2015-06-12


Important bioactive properties of omega-3 fatty acids

Rui Xu
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Page 129-135


Winegrape berry skin thickness determination: comparison between histological observation and texture analysis determination

Luca Rolle, F. Battista, D. Tommasi, D. Porro, F. Caicci, S. Giacosa
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Page 136-141

Influence of season and farming location on the quality parameters of sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) and sea bream (Sparus aurata)

Jelka Pleadin, Marinko Petrovic, Greta Krešic, Snježana Zrncic, Dražen Oraic, Natalija Džafic
Abstract 578 | PDF Downloads 585

Page 151-159

Assessment of total polar materials in Frying fats from Czech restaurants

J. Mlcek, H. Druzbikova, P. Valasek, J. Sochor, T. Jurikova, M. Borkovcova, M. Baron, S. Balla
Abstract 854 | PDF Downloads 3440

Page 160-165

Extra virgin olive oil stored in different conditions: Focus on diglycerides

E. Valli, Z. Ayyad, A. Bendini, S. Adrover-Obrador, A. Femenia, T. Gallina Toschi
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Page 166-172

How sensory and hedonic quality attributes affect fresh red meat consumption decision of Turkish consumers?

Y. Topcu, A.S. Uzundumlu, D. Baran
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Page 181-190

New national conversion line for Bactoscan FC in Italy: A step forward

G. Bolzoni, A. Marcolini, G. Delle Donne, B. Appicciafuoco, A.M. Ferrini
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Page 191-197

Physicochemical, microbial and sensory quality of fresh-cut red beetroots in relation to sanization method and storage duration

Dulal Chandra, Ae Jin Choi, Yong Phil Kim, Ji Gang Kim
Abstract 692 | PDF Downloads 669

Page 208-220

Consumer perceptions of nanotechnology applications in Italian wine

E. Chiodo, N. Casolani, G.M. Greehy, A. Fantini, M.B. McCarthy
Abstract 869 | PDF Downloads 809

Page 221-235

Investigation on microbiology of olive oil extraction process

B. Zanoni, S. Guerrini, E. Mari, M. Migliorini, C. Cherubini, S. Trapani, M. Vincenzini
Abstract 832 | PDF Downloads 1173

Page 236-247

Comparative study of oxidation in canned foods with a combination of vegetables and covering oils

E. Bravi, A. Mangione, O. Marconi, G. Perretti
Abstract 777 | PDF Downloads 707

Page 260-270


A one-year survey on aflatoxin M1 in raw milk

Abstract 670 | PDF Downloads 688

Page 271-276