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aroma, cabbage, carrot, minimally processed, modified atmosphere


The effect of modified atmosphere and film microperforation on aroma of a coleslaw mix stored for 12 days at 4C was detected. Samples were packaged in air and modified atmosphere (5/10/85, 70/30/0% O2/CO2/N2) and sealed with the film with or without microperforations. The application of microperforated film makes it possible to maintain the desirable product aroma for 12 days. Using of the unmicroperforated film caused to increase allyl isothiocyanate and dimethyl trisulfide concentration in samples. A strong correlation was observed between the following aroma attributes and volatile compounds: sharp - allyl isothiocyanate (R2=0.80), dimethyl trisulfide (R2=0.83); carrot – p-cymene (R2=0.71).

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