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M.C. Messia
T. Candigliota
E. De Arcangelis
E. Marconi


Arabinoxylans, Barley, beta-glucans, Emmer, Spelt, Wheat


Arabinoxylans (AX) and ?-glucans are the major source of soluble dietary fibre in cereals and have a significant role as functional/bioactive ingredients implicated in lowering plasma cholesterol, postprandial blood glucose and improving lipid metabolism. In this work, the variation in the content and solubility of AX and ?-glucans in different cereal species and varieties were studied. Different methods (phloroglucinol, orcinol-HCl, HPAEC-PAD) for AX analysis were tested. The results confirmed the variability in contents of both polymers (AX and ?-glucans) in cereal species and varieties as well as providing additional information useful for characterization.
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