Effect of artisanal rennet paste on the chemical, sensory and microbiological characteristics of traditional goat's cheese

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C. Tripaldi
G. Palocci
A. Garavaldi
T. Bogdanova
S. Bilei


rennet paste, chemical and sensory characteristics


In a study using three replicates, Marzolina goat cheese made with artisanal rennet paste from goat kid was compared with cheese made with commercial liquid rennet from calf. Samples of fresh cheese were subjected to chemical and microbiological analyses. Samples of ripened cheese collected after 50 days of ripening were submitted to chemical and sensory analysis. Results of this study show that cheese made with artisanal rennet pastes did not contain pathogenic microorganisms and that this kind of rennet provided the enzymatic content necessary to achieve the typical characteristics of traditional cheeses.
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