Determination of the optimal fat amount in dry-ripened venison sausage

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M.C. Utrilla
A. Soriano
A. Garcia Ruiz


consumer test, fat content, quantitative descriptive sensory analysis, venison salchichon sausage


Six types of salchichon sausage were made using cynegetic venison lean and different amounts of pork meat (40, 30, 25, 20, 15 and 10%) in order to choose the lowest fat content without decreasing the sensory quality of the traditional salchichon sausage. All samples were evaluated using quantitative descriptive sensory analysis, finding significant differences; as the amount of pork meat increased, sausages exhibited a lighter colour and an intense spice and cured odour, as well as being juicier and easier to chew. Furthermore, consumer tests were carried out. All types of sausages were accepted by consumers (scores > 5.5 for all attributes) finding significant differences in the preference test.
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