Effect of egg type and storage conditions on the quality of crispy Thai pancake (Thong Phap)

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Sunisa Siripongvutikorn
Worapong Usawakesmanee
Ponruedee Sud-on


egg white, quality, mineral, protein, cold storage, room temperature storage


Eggs were stored within 24 h after laying at 4±2oC and 28±2oC for 25 days (d). Egg quality was monitored during cold and room temperature storage for producing Thong Phap. Longer storage time led to an increase in weight loss and pH, while the Haugh Unit (H.U.) and viscosity of the egg white decreased. Eggs stored at a higher temperature, particularly duck eggs, exhibited faster parameter changes. The main protein types in duck and chicken egg whites determined by SDS-PAGE were ovalbumin, ovotransferrin, and ovomucin. Microbial standards indicated that the shelf life of duck eggs was lower than chicken eggs. Na, P, and K contents of duck egg white were higher than a chicken egg, while storage temperature and time did not significantly affect mineral content.

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