Perceptions of Spanish consumers towards novel lamb burgers enriched with natural antioxidants and healthy fatty acids

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Andres Horrillo
Carlos Diaz-Caro
Eva Crespo-Cebada
David Tejerina-Barrado
Francisco Mesias
Antonio Rodriguez-Ledesma
Susana Garcia-Torres



This paper explores the perceptions of Spanish consumers on the use of natural antioxidants and healthy fatty acids in novel formulations of lamb burgers to improve their nutritional content and shelf life. Focus groups have been used to obtain information on burger consumption and purchase, as well as on the opinions about the use of natural ingredients. Results highlight the importance consumers place on the presence of ingredients that help improve product quality, and their acceptance to pay a premium. The use of cherry or pecan nut is a valid option, provided that consumer trust is promoted through adequate information policies.

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