Nutritious elderly diet: Pigmented rice-porridge from shear-heat milling process

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Chawakwan Nitikornwarakul
Rodjanawan Wangpradid
Chirat Sirimuangmoon
Somwang Lekjing
Akihiro Nishioka
Tomonori Koda


elderly diet, pigmented rice, modified flour, shear and heat milling, rice porridge, consumer test


The objective of this study was to develop nutritious elderly diet formulations. Each formulation contained three components, pigmented rice flours from shear-heat milling, freeze-dried protein bouillon cube, and sesame oil. The final products were tested with 100 panelists and monitored for quality changes (physical, chemical, microbial, and sensory properties) for 6 months. The three developed formulations provided a suitable ratio of the main nutrients and adequate energy. The products were highly accepted (95%) and easy to swallow (score 4.2/5), indicating a high potential for launching in the elderly market. The products can retain their quality and achieve microbiology safety during storage.

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