Age, sex, and chilling effects on goat meat

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Muhammad Umar Farid
Muhammad Hayat Jaspal
Nida Luqman
Bilal Asghar
Muawuz Ijaz
Muhammad Kashif Yar
Muhammad Sulman Ali Taseer
Zeeshan Iqbal
Muhammad Ahsan Naeem
Jamal Nasir


color, cooking loss, delayed & rapid chilling, tenderness


Production and processing factors that affect native goat meat quality are non-existent in the literature. The current study explored age, sex, and chilling effects on 48 goat carcasses cut in half by halal standards and shifting one half immediately to a walk-in chiller at 0–4°C [rapid chilling (RC)] and the other half at 26 ± 2°C [delayed chilling (DC)]. Results showed that Warner Bratzler Shear Force (WBSF) was significantly affected by RC. Cooking loss and color (L*) parameters were significantly higher in young male animals. Chroma values were significantly higher in DC. In conclusion, DC enhances meat quality and tenderness.

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