Comparative study of oxidation in canned foods with a combination of vegetables and covering oils

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E. Bravi
A. Mangione
O. Marconi
G. Perretti


canned vegetables, extra-virgin olive oil, oxidation, preservation, soybean oil, sunflower oil


The effects of sunflower (SFO), extra-virgin olive (EVO), and soybean oils (SBO), in combination with canned aubergins and dried tomatoes were studied during an accelerated shelf-life trial. Hydrolytic and oxidative quality parameters was determined and a sensorial test was run. For both canned vegetables, the SBO showed greater resistance to the oxidation at the end of the shelflife trial. The SBO in both vegetables yielded similar results for peroxide formation, whereas a reduced formation of secondary oxidation products was observed in aubergins. The results highlighted a higher oxidation stability of canned vegetables in SBO and EVO than those in SFO. The sensorial test underlined differences between the oils, in aubergins and dried tomatoes, after 30 days of accelerated storage (corresponding to the sell-by date). Flavour and texture were judged better for vegetables in SBO.
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