How sensory and hedonic quality attributes affect fresh red meat consumption decision of Turkish consumers?

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Y. Topcu
A.S. Uzundumlu
D. Baran


Fresh red meat consumption, Principal Component, K-Means Cluster and Multiple Regression Analyses, Sensory and hedonic quality attributes


The aim of the study is to explore how the sensory and hedonic quality attributes of the fresh red meat affect its consumption preference and amounts of Turkish consumers. The data obtained
from 385 households in Erzurum were used for Principal Component (PCA), K-means Cluster and Multiple Regression/Correlation (MRC) Analyses. The results of the study highlighted considerably that the sensory quality attributes on their consumption preference had a much bigger effect than the hedonic ones for each cluster. However, its price and their income accepted as the important indicators of the hedonic ones, but a much lower impact on all clusters.
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