Assessment of total polar materials in Frying fats from Czech restaurants

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J. Mlcek
H. Druzbikova
P. Valasek
J. Sochor
T. Jurikova
M. Borkovcova
M. Baron
S. Balla


deep-frying, fats, oils, restaurant, total polar materials


Deep-frying is commonly used as convenient technique for the preparation of foods. The frying oils and fats are absorbed by fried food and become a part of diet. The content of total polar materials was determined in frying oils and fats in 46 restaurants from South Moravia and the Olomouc regions. Twenty-eight samples were found with total polar materials with limit of rejection over 24%. The highest total polar materials values were observed in cooking fat; the lowest one was in vegetable shortening oil. This conclusion corresponds with frying temperatures, which were highest in cooking fat.
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