Pest detected in packed food: ten years of analysis

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Lidia Limonta
Sara Savoldelli
Luciano Suss
Daria Patrizia Locatelli


pests, infestation, products contamination


More than one hundred food complaints, coming from food industries, food stores, and customers, were analyzed over a ten year period (2004-2013). In the samples of plant products and animal products, the most represented pests were insects and rodents, while in animal products, mites were also found. In plant products, pests of stored products represented the highest percentages in Coleoptera (62.1) and Lepidoptera (48.2), while Diptera were mainly crop pests or species of hygienic concern. In animal products, the highest number of complaints concerned milk and dairy products, and the contaminations were caused by insects, mites, and mice. 

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