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The Italian Journal of Food Science is an international journal publishing original, basic, and applied papers, reviews, short communications, surveys, and opinions on food science and technology.


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Published: 2021-02-06


Drying characteristics and some quality parameters of whole jujube (Zizyphus jujuba Mill.) during hot air drying

Begüm Tepe, Raci Ekinci
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Page 1-15

Drying characteristics and degradation kinetics in some parameters of goji berry (Lycium Barbarum L.) fruit during hot air drying

Heysem Suat Batu, Çetin Kadakal
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Page 16-28

Does iron-fortified chewing gum influence the biochemical profile of school-going children (6–10 yrs.)?

Muhammad Azeem, Mian Kamran Sharif, Fais-Ul-Hassan Shah, Maratab Ali, Muhammad Amer Nazir, Muhammad Rizwan, Syed Abdul Wadood, Rebia Ejaz
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Page 29-38

The antimicrobial activity of two phenolic acids against foodborne Escherichia coli and Listeria monocytogenes and their effectiveness in a meat system

Oluwatosin Ademola Ijabadeniyi, Austin Govender, Omotola Folake Olagunju, Ajibola Bamikole Oyedeji
Abstract 92 | PDF Downloads 60 XML Downloads 14 HTML Downloads 28

Page 39-45

Chemical characterization of ‘Pecorino Di Farindola’ cheese during ripening

Serena Niro, Alessandra Fratianni, Annacristina D'Agostino, Ivan Notardonato, Gianfranco Panfili
Abstract 59 | PDF Downloads 62 XML Downloads 12 HTML Downloads 20

Page 46-51

Sensory properties of iodine-biofortified potatoes

Maria Piochi, Emma Chiavaro, Angelo Cichelli, Luisa Torri, Lorenzo Cerretani
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Page 52-60

The addition of Capsicum baccatum to Calabrian monovarietal extra virgin olive oils leads to flavoured olive oils with enhanced oxidative stability

Pierluigi Plastina, Rosa Tundis, Chiara La Torre, Vincenzo Sicari, Angelo Maria Giuffré, Alessandro Neri, Marco Bonesi, Mariarosaria Leporini, Alessia Fazio, Tiziana Falco, Monica R. Loizzo
Abstract 92 | PDF Downloads 55 XML Downloads 13 HTML Downloads 15

Page 61-72

Optimization of stir-baked technology for Flos Sophorae Immaturus tea according to quadratic regression rotation-orthogonal design method and quality evaluation

Shang Fanghong, Longyun Li, Song Xuhong, Tan Jun, Wang Jirui, Chen Gang
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Page 84-95

Influence of sugar concentration and sugar type on the polyphenol content and antioxidant activity in spiced syrup preparation

Mohd Nazri Zayapor, Aminah Abdullah, Wan Aida Wan Mustapha
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Page 96-105

Analytical approaches for discriminating native lard from other animal fats

Nazrim Marikkar, Marcello Alinovi, Emma Chiavaro
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Page 106-115


Garlic greening: Pigments biosynthesis and control strategies

Alberto De Iseppi, Andrea Curioni, Matteo Marangon, Simone Vincenzi, Giovanna Lomolino
Abstract 103 | PDF Downloads 49 XML Downloads 4 HTML Downloads 7

Page 73-83

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